“Boiling Point”: Ivlev First Explained the Departure from His Wife to His Student Mistress

The showman considers the ex-wife’s act to be wrong.

Boiling point

This year, the eminent chef Konstantin Ivlev abruptly changed his life: the star of the Friday TV channel broke up with his wife after 23 years of marriage and went to his 28-year-old mistress.

And although the host of the show “At Daggers” and “Hell’s Kitchen” does not like to be frank on personal topics, because of the scandalous revelations of the ex-wife, he has to devote the public to “love affairs”.

Recall that in the spring of the outgoing year, the ex-wife of Ivleva Maria filed for divorce and, with a scandal, revealed her husband’s betrayal. For half a year, the press accused the presenter of “leaving his wife and children for the sake of a student at Moscow State University,” but according to him, everything was different.

Ivlev believes that the ex-wife did the wrong thing by spreading false information to the media.

“I didn’t throw anyone; I didn’t take anything from anyone. Women react differently to divorce, only I, my wife, and my woman Lera know the truth, “he said.

Answering the question of what led to the breakup with his wife, Ivlev calls the negative that has accumulated for many years.

“I have a very difficult relationship with my wife; everything is fine with the children. We constantly see each other, we go on vacation together. Everyone does not know the truth. What happened with my wife took many years to a certain boiling point, “explained the chef.

At the same time, Konstantin still maintains warm relations with the children: they witnessed conflicts in the family, so they were “savvy” and did not take sides, the showman “Interlocutor” quotes.

Earlier it became known about the engagement of the TV cook and young Valeria Kudenkova. At the same time, Konstantin Ivlev spoke about the luxurious mansion in which he settled with his future wife.

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