Buzova Arranged a Secret Bachelorette Party before the Wedding with Manukyan

The singer did not invite her sister to the event


Social media stars Olga Buzova and David Manukyan began preparations for the wedding. Some fans of the couple are firmly convinced of this. Recently, the presenter gathered her friends for the “last supper” in one of the prestigious restaurants. No men were seen at the celebration, so everyone decided that this meeting was a kind of bachelorette party, writes Komsomolskaya Pravda. It is curious that Olga’s own sister, Anna, was not present at the event – many believe that relatives have long been in conflict with each other.

It is curious that 26-year-old Manukyan himself recently provoked a wave of rumors about an upcoming marriage with Buzova by writing in the comments to singer Ramil: “Brother, you are performing at our wedding”

It is known that the new lover presented the performer with a bouquet of 501 roses and a Gucci bracelet made of 750 gold with diamonds during a romantic dinner in Thailand. Recall that in Phuket, the artist celebrated her 34th birthday. There is a high probability that David has already made Olga an offer, which she is unlikely to refuse. Be that as it may, the 34-year-old pop diva has not yet commented on her personal life.

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