Dazzling White: Exploring This Year’s Hit Interior

Light shades have been trending for several years.


White color in the interior can be considered a clean canvas – on its basis you can “build” a magnificent design composition because almost any color and texture is combined with white, which means there is a place for fantasy to roam. We will only tell you a few points that you should pay attention to if you have definitely decided that your interior will be white.

Choosing the “same” shade

It would seem, how can you make a mistake when choosing white for decoration? You can, and this happens very often. There are almost no more shades of white than in any other color, however, a pure snow-white shade is considered the most popular and convenient for mixing with other colors. Think in advance what effect you want to achieve, already from this you can choose the right one – warm or cold.

Where is without contrast?

Any designer will agree that white should have a color pair in an interior – nothing is more boring than white walls, furniture, and decor. Do not be afraid to make accents, especially with regard to decor and flooring – do not pick up a light and especially fluffy carpet, which you want to do first, delimit surfaces by putting a darker carpet, and decorative elements can be purchased in almost any bright color, but it’s still better to bet on complex colors.


Focus on light

No matter how ideal the shade of furniture and walls is, improper lighting will ruin everything – cold walls and furniture will “drown” in the warmth of yellow lamps, getting a dirty shade. However, cold light is also not an option, it is best to use neutral lighting that will not turn the room into an operating room or unpleasantly yellowing, distorting colors.

“Playing” with textures

As we said, pieces of furniture and walls in the same shade will make a room look boring, and the same can be said for identical textures. The only thing that should definitely be discarded is glossy surfaces,

Which will instantly reduce the cost of even the most solid purchase? Try to use at least two textures, such as a ribbed cabinet surface and a perfectly smooth table, as long as you feel good about your furniture.

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