Do Not Need Relatives? 89-Year-Old Gorbachev’s Relatives Stopped Visiting

The coronavirus pandemic has affected the already rare meetings with loved ones.

89 years old Gorbache

The ex-president of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev has not heard the laughter of his daughter and two granddaughters for several months. At least live.

It turned out that due to the coronavirus pandemic; the politician’s relatives living in Germany cannot visit him. In addition, the relative is of considerable age, which means that he is at risk and must maintain self-isolation.

The documentary “Gorbachev. Paradise “just shows a moment that made many people think that relatives have forgotten about politics – this is an episode where Gorbachev says that before his granddaughters came to him, but now they do not.

At the same time, the ex-president hardly gets up from his chair and moves with the help of a special device. He celebrated the New Year in the company of his assistant.

However, according to Pavel Palazhchenko, a colleague of Gorbachev’s, there is no cause for concern.

“As for his relatives, he constantly communicates with them by phone. I think, as soon as the situation changes, of course, they will come (relatives – editor’s note) “, – quotes Pavel’s words “Moscow speaking “.

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