Downshifting: Is It Possible To Change Life by Giving Up Everything

Why wealth suddenly becomes irrelevant


Many have heard of these brave people who deliberately give up life’s benefits in exchange for the freedom to make decisions. Although initially “downshifting” meant reducing the speed of a car or slowing down a process, only later this term began to mean abandoning a career, albeit a super successful one. Most downshifters don’t just quit their jobs, but generally refuse to work on schedule.

A typical downshifter travels the world, devotes all his time to his hobby, and just enjoys life. Downshifters often leave the country, for example, to tropical islands, where there is simply no place for rush and bustle. Probably the largest concentration of downshifters is in Bali and Thailand. What makes people give up material goods? We tried to find out.

Workaholic … just the opposite

Most of the residents of a large city are focused on the thought of increasing their income, and such a race implies deafness to their own desires and problems. Burning out at work, a person gradually loses himself; many eventually realize that they never came to anything. That is why a certain number of office workers prefer to radically change their lives, abandon this race and go on indefinite leave. Yes, such a life implies a sharp decline in income, which is logical, but the feeling of freedom for a classic downshifter is much more important.


What to live on?

Naturally, a person who has absolutely no income other than a salary cannot so easily take and become a downshifter. As a rule, people who decide to take such a step have a “financial cushion”, for example, an apartment that they rent out, or savings from a previous job. Even though these funds are not enough for a comfortable life, they also do not allow one to die of starvation.

Is it possible to return to normal life in the city?

Interestingly, not all downshifters leave their country and city – many remain to live in the same place, however, they have to pay for such a free life in any case: not all family members are ready to put up with the fact that the other half or a parent on whom well-being depends on the family, leaves all their interests and career aspirations in order to live for their own pleasure. As a result, families in 90% of cases break up, a person is left alone with all his problems, which were, in addition, acquires new ones. Among other things, it is quite difficult to restore a career after several years of absence from the profession – you will have to start all over again, for which not everyone is ready.

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