End Of The Pandemic And A Lot Of Work. Forecast For 2021 from Situational Analyst Alex

What does 2021 have in ander Litvin store for us? Alexander Litvin’s forecasts are always extremely correct. In any case, he predicted the problems of this year accurately. What does Alexander foresee in the future?

Alexander Litvin

From Chaos to Recovery

The cyclical nature of nature is our main asset. Knowing a lot about cyclicality, most often we are ready for one or another of its manifestations, and hydro-meteorological services indicate to us less global changes. The ancient Ecclesiastes also spoke about cyclicality. One of his sayings, for sure, is remembered by everyone – “time to collect stones and time to scatter.”

According to Ecclesiastes, the previous time was the Time of Chaos. 2020, as I warned, destroyed the Time of Order. It was a year of illness; the next 2021 will be a time of healing, healing not only physical but also spiritual. The chaos will end, and we will start putting things in order, not yet with the construction of something new, but simply with the general cleaning of all that remains after the Chaos.

We got the experience of Chaos. Based on this experience, we now more clearly understand what the true order should be. If we concretize the main task of the year, it consists of the methodical routine work associated with the restoration of everything, and above all with the restoration of values ​​lost in previous years.

The end of the pandemic

In my deep conviction, humanity is sick, it is seriously ill and for a long time, it is sick so that the disease has become genetic: for the last 120 years, in one or another place on the planet, major military conflicts flared up, and there was not a single day on earth without a war, there was not a single day without deception, not a single day without betrayal. Pandemic is not a disease, it is biotherapy. The virus works in much the same way as drugs prescribed by an oncologist for chemotherapy. In essence, these drugs are poison for the body, which acts in the same way on ordinary and atypical cells. The question of recovery is how much strength the patient has to survive. Today, such a patient is people, all of humanity. The coronavirus carries out a tough separation, but this procedure has its own time. Everything has its time…

On February 5, 2021, the first year after the chaos begins, until that moment, the biotherapy of earthlings will continue, but after the fifth, everything will begin to decline, the number of new infections will significantly decrease, but the consequences of this global biotherapy procedure will be felt for a long time, almost until mid-May. Why would this happen? All according to the same Ecclesiastes! The time for health will come. And although there will be many publications that the vaccine has finally worked as it should, I believe that by May the separation process and treatment with the pandemic poison will simply end.

The global goal of pandemic is to change the genetics of the human population. This pandemic can be considered carpet bombing, which affects almost the entire population of countries, and above all countries that determine the development of civilization. Countries where global decisions are made for the entire planet. The virus infects ordinary people and rulers, rich and poor, those with the best medicine, and those who do not have access to it.

Almost all categories of people, with the exception of one, but the most important category. The virus does not infect children. He touches only a few of them, this touch is light. The virus infects those whose genetics have accumulated a lot of mistakes over the 4 previous generations, but it does not touch those who still have a lot of time to correct them – and these are children. They have not yet had time to make strategic mistakes, and even if they have a genetic problem in the form of responsibility for the mistakes of their fathers up to the third or fourth generation, nature is merciful to them and makes it possible to correct these mistakes.

I want to emphasize that the most important value of a person is his genes, which are not burdened by mistakes of the past and present. How to keep your genes and the genes of your children? How to protect yourself from epidemics and pandemics in the future? There are ten points of instruction from Moses. Only their fulfillment provides any person with high moral immunity.

Labor time

In 2021, personal idleness should be the greatest fear! The cycle requires you to work hard, long and hard, and not always for a decent reward. Many should leave in the past their need to enumerate employment options, many will be forced to stop treating a certain job as a sign of some inferiority or even belonging to a particular nationality.

What will the year be good for? For whom is it favorable? The answer to this question lies in the answer to the previous question. The year is good for creative and sometimes routine work.

What is better to eat in 2021?

We should all remember that our origin also carries a genetic imprint, and therefore we need to refer to the memory of our ancestors, especially since we, their copies, have it in our blood. Most people are not descendants of kings, nobles, and merchants of the first guild, most of us remember how to hold a shovel, how to mow grass, how to milk a cow, how to grind grain into flour. To the same extent, our body remembers how our ancestors ate. 2021 is a time of simple but satisfying food that will allow you to work a lot with a lot of energy.

Our country is multinational, and this is a very significant factor that will make it possible to determine the diet. If you are a genetic and hypothetical descendant of Genghis Khan, your diet is the diet of the steppe people, if your ancestors are from central Russia, then cabbage soup and porridge are your food!

A separate issue concerns alcohol. Since it is the subject of active marketing and advertising, older people will still be subject to the addiction of the past, but young people will be more difficult for marketers to cope with. After the pandemic, they will become more independent, less driven, and, accordingly, much less dependent on alcohol. If in past years alcohol was really used as one of the main fighters against depression, then in 1921 labor will become the main fighter against depression.

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