“Even For Those Who Have Had Mild Illness”: Biologist Baranova Called an Unexpected Consequence of the “Crown”

According to the scientist, it is necessary to carefully and in detail study the condition of patients discharged from hospitals.

Biologist Ancha Baranova

Scientists around the world continue to accumulate knowledge about the new coronavirus infection, which has been living with a person for a year. There is a lot of data, but the results of new research are constantly appearing.

So, according to Anchi Baranova, professor at the School of Systems Biology at George Mason University, premature aging is one of the unexpected consequences of the coronavirus.

Moreover, this can affect even those who have suffered a very mild illness. Ancha Baranova notes that, according to a November study, in 70 percent of those who had been ill, doctors easily observed pathology of some internal organs.

“Only the main pathology was not cardiac, but mainly fatty hepatosis (the liver suffers) and fatty degenerations of the pancreatic tissue. Usually, such diagnoses are made at 60 years old, and in the post-covid group – already at 40, ”the professor noted.

That is, Baranova explains, the coronavirus “takes resources and brings old age closer.” According to her, the condition of those who have been ill should be studied very actively in order to understand what the consequences of the infection are, writes RIA Novosti.

Meanwhile, on the eve of the TV doctor Elena Malysheva, she shared good news about the coronavirus with the Russians.

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