How to Quickly and Easily Tighten Your Stomach: Everything You Wanted To Know About Abdominoplasty

Plastic surgeon Guzel Abzaleva – on the pros and cons of the popular operation


Few people like a bulky or saggy belly. He does not paint any men, let alone women. But it is not so easy to remove the extra pounds that are concentrated in the abdominal area. In the best-case scenario, it will take many months of diet and serious physical activity in the gym. Few are ready for such a schedule, not everyone has time. And then modern methods of plastic surgery come to the rescue.

Medical technologies nowadays allow you to relatively quickly, safely, and painlessly put your stomach in order by performing an abdominoplasty operation.

The surgical intervention allows literally in one operation to solve a whole range of problems – this is a “square waist” and low elasticity of the skin and its sagging, and ptosis, and striae (stretch marks) or scars after surgery, and excess fat. Also, an indication for an abdominoplasty operation is a large-scale weight loss when a skin and fat apron sags.

Usually, all of the listed problems make a person turn to a plastic surgeon, and the doctor, based on specific indications and the state of human health, decides to carry out a particular operation.


When we talk about abdominoplasty, we primarily mean by this word the classic method, which consists in making a horizontal incision over the groin area and around the navel. Through such an incision, the surgeon removes excess subcutaneous fat and skin and connects the rectus muscles. But the incision can be vertical – along the midline of the abdomen.

It should be noted that after abdominoplasty, as after any other operation, scars remain. But given the specifics of those areas that are operated on during abdominoplasty, they are easily hidden under clothing. So, in the case of classic abdominoplasty, the seam zone is located under the underwear. In addition, there are no obstacles and then in order to reduce the scar, eliminating any external reminder of the operation.

The big advantage of abdominoplasty is a very long period of preservation of its results. If sports activities and diets, for all their complexity, give a short-term effect, then abdominoplasty allows you to remove an ugly belly for many years, if not decades. Of course, you have to lead a sensible lifestyle without overeating or drinking too much, but it’s worth it.

Another nuance speaks in favor of abdominoplasty: this operation helps not only to remove fatty deposits but also to tighten the abdominal muscles and put the skin in order. Liposuction, for example, cannot achieve this effect. Therefore, not only people who are overweight or have a big belly turn to doctors for an abdominoplasty operation, but also those who just want to get a beautiful shape of the abdomen, make it fit, not flabby, and eliminate existing stretch marks.

However, since abdominoplasty is still a direct surgical intervention, you should be very responsible when choosing a medical clinic and a specialist who will perform the operation. It’s not for nothing that life was called “belly” before, and you cannot trust anyone with your belly.

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