Ideal Portfolio: How to Pose Correctly, Hide Your Flaws in the Photo And Highlight Your Advantages

Model Anna Bzhedugova shares important secrets of a proper photoshoot


With the development of social networks, having a collection of successful photographs is almost the responsibility of every girl, moreover, this collection should be constantly replenished. There is no limit to perfection, as well as to a woman’s habit of looking for flaws in herself, so a successful photo where they are not visible is also a great way to increase your self-esteem. What methods will help you? The most obvious way to hide this or that flaw in the photo is to simply exclude the problem area itself from the frame. If you still want a full-length shot, it is important to get into the correct pose so that these areas look more harmonious in the frame.

Most importantly, no matter how you photograph, even if this is a portrait photo, it is to straighten your back. This is a great way to make you look slimmer in the frame, stretch your neck, and hide the volume in the belly area. Stand straight with your shoulders back and your stomach in.

If you stand right in front of the camera, you get the most realistic shot in which you will be who you are. If you lean 45 degrees from the camera and stand with one foot toward the camera, you will visually appear taller and slimmer.

Hands down and pressed to the body make you fatter in the frame. Putting your hand on your hip is an easy way to avoid this. If this is not for you, keep your arms at your sides without dropping them. Have a small space between your body and hands

To keep your face from looking wide without creating a double chin, tilt your head forward slightly and extend your chin a little.

Raise your tongue to the sky when taking a portrait shot. Try this weird trick to avoid a double chin and round face. It sounds strange, but this action tightens the muscles under the chin and in the cheekbones, making the face look slimmer.

To avoid creating a double chin, ask the photographer not to take the photo at an angle. If the camera is below the jawline, you immediately have extra volume in that area.

I would also like to talk about how important it is to dress correctly if you are going to be photographed because almost any flaw in the figure can be hidden with the help of clothes so that it will not be noticeable in the photo. Here are some simple rules. Of course, these rules work not only for photos but also for drawing up a daily wardrobe, depending on which problem area you care about.

For those who want to visually hide the heavy bottom:

. Put on trousers that are straight or flared at the bottom. Trousers tapering downwards only draw attention to the problem area.

  • Plain trousers and skirts are better. Dark colors especially minimize the accent on the problem area. Any patterns only attract attention. Dark, solid colors visually reduce volume.
  • Wear thigh-length tops, they will visually correct the volume at the bottom.
  • Draw attention away from problem areas by wearing a conspicuous top. Wear vibrant colors, intricate patterns, or glittery materials that grab attention.
  • Visually widen your shoulders to visually balance your figure. Things with a cutout in the neckline or jackets with voluminous shoulders that are back in fashion will help you with this.
  • Do not wear trousers with a high waistline. A standard or lowered fit will not accentuate the volume in the back.
  • Wear A-line skirts. By expanding downwards, you look slimmer.

Big breasts:

  • Above all, choose the right bra with ample cups to accommodate your entire breasts.
  • Solid dark clothes will visually reduce the volume of the body, including in the chest area, so play in contrast – a dark top and a bright bottom.

Deep cuts draw attention to your breasts and should be avoided if the volume in that area confuses you.

  • Do not wear anything with ruffles or frills.
  • Avoid short tops, they will frame and maximize large breasts.
  • Satin, velvet, and heavy knits can accentuate your bust. It is worth giving up sequins and shiny fabrics. Wear terry, cashmere, and cotton instead.

Short neck:

  • V-neck draws the eye down, creating the illusion of a longer, slimmer neck.
  • If you are dressing more conservatively, wear a form-fitting top that is close to your skin tone under a V-neck top.

You can also achieve this lengthening effect by wearing a top with a round but very wide neckline.

  • If you work in a shirt with a collar, or just love to wear them, choose models with a stand-up collar and do not button up all the buttons so that the neck does not look too short.
  • In the cold season, everything is simple – and not too short a scarf will allow you to divert attention from the neck area.

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