Loud Divorces of Stars and Secret Weddings: Summing Up the Results of the Outgoing Year

Someone enjoys marriage, and someone still shares the property with their ex – details on asiaalert.life


The restrictions on the arts caused by the coronavirus pandemic have led stars to focus their energies this year on personal matters. Someone got divorced, and someone, on the contrary, tied the knot. Asiaalert.life has collected a selection of the brightest stories.

2020 star divorces

Garik Kharlamov and Christina Asmus


On June 22, the showman and actress announced that they were getting divorced. This information for the fans of the couple sounded like a bolt from the blue because the couple had been together for 8 years! Moreover, their daughter Nastya is growing up. Of course, after that, the subscribers began to actively guess what the reason was. One of the most popular versions was the shooting of Christina in the film “Text”, where the artist played in explicit scenes. According to fans, her husband did not like this at all and eventually lead to the desire to get a divorce. However, Christina and Garik later explained that no shooting at all influenced the decision to free themselves from the bonds of marriage. The desire to leave arose a long time ago. In one of the programs, the comedian admitted that over time he and Christina became completely different, so they could no longer live together.

Polina Gagarina and Dmitry Iskhakov


Another couple admitted that they are no longer together. Polina Gagarina met photographer Dmitry Iskhakov on the set in 2013. The singer liked the result of the photoshoot, and Dmitry himself. Gradually, the friendship grew into a serious relationship. In September 2014, they signed at the Tverskoy registry office in Moscow. In marriage, a daughter, Mia, was born.

At first, everything was almost perfect for them. According to rumors, Dmitry surrounded Polina with care, brought her coffee to bed, and worried how warm she was dressed. Yes, and found a common language with her son Andrey from his first marriage. However, as they write in some sources, sometimes he overwhelmed his wife with his moral teachings. And Polina earned more than her husband-photographer. Gradually, the difference in earnings of the spouses increased significantly. In general, an abyss formed between them, which led to a divorce. Rumor has it that Polina has a rich admirer, but she hides his name.

Svetlana Zeynalova and Dmitry Lensky


The TV presenter also did not pass up parting with the second half. Svetlana Zeynalova probably would not have told about this if it had not been for her participation in the “Fashionable Sentence” program, where Nadezhda Babkina openly asked the TV personality why she broke up with Dmitry. Zeynalova explained that she was older and more experienced than the chosen one, so it was not so easy to be next to her. Since she is a strong woman with her own opinion, many men are intimidated by this. The media personality added that she could meet with someone who will not try to remake her. Svetlana also admitted that she is now completely devoted to family and friends. Whether she has a new chosen one is unknown.

Agata Muceniece and Pavel Priluchny


One of the most sensational divorces of this year is the parting of Agatha Muceniece and Pavel Priluchny. I must say that rumors about a difficult relationship in a couple have been circulating for more than a year, but each time the stars denied it. For the first time, they started talking about divorce after it became known that Priluchny raised his hand to his wife. However, then the information remained at the level of rumors until Agatha recorded a video where she said in tears that her ex was drinking and was raising a hand to her. Moreover, he kicked her out of the house. The actress left for her mother, and Pavel continued to live in a country house. Of course, after this, it was pointless to talk about reconciliation. However, it turned out that there is another reason for the divorce. According to rumors, a homeowner appeared in the case. After the separation of the spouses, Priluchny went on vacation in the company of the star of “Daddy’s Daughters” Miroslava Karpovich. True,

Pelageya and Ivan Telegin


But fans of Pelageya are in full swing discussing not only the reason for her divorce from her husband, hockey player Ivan Telegin but also the carve-up of the jointly acquired property, which is estimated at tens of millions. In particular, only an apartment, according to rumors, costs about 85 million rubles, and a country house – about 60. There is also a car for 16 million. It is known that they started talking about parting last year, and the divorce itself took place in May 2020. The couple was married for three years, they had a daughter, Taisiya. And it seems that everything ended peacefully, but they just say that Ivan does not want to see the child and allegedly does not pay child support. And they, according to the most conservative estimates, exceed half a million rubles a month. Moreover, Telegin wants to divide up joint property: an apartment for tens of millions of rubles and a country house. True, Pelageya claims that her mother gave them the apartment.

Sergey Zhigunov and Vera Novikova


But the actor divorced his wife Vera Novikova for the second time. The first time they broke up was back in 2007 – after 20 years of marriage. Vera, according to rumors, learned about who this homeless woman is, almost from journalists. However, Zhigunov’s hobby for “my beautiful nanny” did not last long. Two years later, Sergei returned to his ex-wife again. She forgave him and accepted. Rumor has it that due to the fact that Vera plunged headlong into domestic issues after marriage, she abandoned her career. But she has predicted a great future. As a result, this marriage still fell apart, no matter how Novikova invested in it. Of course, the fans could not fail to note that all of Zhigunov’s women are very similar to each other. Here is the current chosen one Victoria Vorozhbit, an affair with which is attributed to Sergei, of the same type with his ex-wife.

The most talked-about weddings of 2020

Svetlana Bondarchuk and Sergey Kharchenko

Svetlana Bondarchuk and Sergey Kharchenko

Svetlana Bondarchuk did not go unmarried for long. She married Sergei Kharchenko, with whom she has been together for three years. The wedding, which took place last summer, is still remembered by secular chroniclers. Moreover, in 2020 there were, as they say, one or two real celebrations – and there weren’t enough. The celebrations took place in one of the most expensive and pretentious restaurants in the capital, on the 62nd floor of a skyscraper. Moreover, the wedding was organized in just two weeks! The newlyweds managed not only to throw the party of the year but also to pick up as many as three dresses for the bride. They say that the cost of just one outfit exceeded 700 thousand rubles. Bondarchuk also appeared in a daring mini, striking down the famous guests. The wedding was delicious, noisy and fun. “It’s incredible, but everything happened the way I couldn’t even dream … Although no, I could! We had such a tight deadline, but everything turned out magically “,

Natalia Vodianova and Antoine Arnault


Model Natalia Vodianova got married again. Her chosen one was the French billionaire Antoine Arnault, the son of the owner of Louis Vuitton, with whom the girl had been in a relationship since 2011. True, Natalya announced her engagement only in January, and they thought to play the wedding in June. But due to the situation with the coronavirus, the grand celebrations had to be postponed. However, the painting itself was not canceled. The couple exchanged vows of allegiance in Paris, and the mayor of the city, Anne Hidalgo, witnessed what was happening. Recall that Natalia and Antoine are raising five children: three from Vodianova’s first marriage with the aristocrat Portman – Lucas, Neva, and Victor, as well as common children – Maxim and Roman.

Anna Sedokova and Janis Timma

Anna Sedokova and Janis Timmaa

Singer Anna Sedokova also tied the knot with Hymen in July this year. The 37-year-old actress married 28-year-old basketball player Janis Timm. For the sake of Sedokova, he left the family with a small child. Moreover, there were no particularly magnificent celebrations, so that the whole of Moscow could walk, but at the same time, nothing prevented the couple from signing. We celebrated the event in one of the Barvikha restaurants in a close family and friend circle. At the holiday there were relatives and friends of the newlyweds. Only the singer’s daughter Monica could not fly from America. Anna herself wrote on her Instagram that with this marriage she once again proved to her mother that a woman with three children can get married and be happy. “Look for love, strive for goodness, and trust your heart and instincts. And never!!! You never think this is the end. This is just a new beginning, “Sedokova summed up.

Taisiya Vilkova and Semyon Serzin


The star of “Deffchonok”, 23-year-old Taisiya Vilkova at her young age has already become a married lady. Vilkova tied the knot with a 32-year-old actor and director from St. Petersburg Semyon Serzin. The wedding took place in Moscow. Moreover, a special date was chosen – on Theater Day, March 27. The pandemic did not interfere with the festive atmosphere. Everything went traditionally: painting, congratulations to those closest to you, the bride in a white dress, and the groom in a suit. Here are just the faces of the spouses who were wearing protective masks. The pandemic has made its own adjustments: guests congratulated mostly online. Interestingly, at the time of the painting, the artist was already in position, although not everyone noticed it. On July 8, their daughter was born.

Olga Seryabkina and Georgy Nachkebia


But Olga Seryabkina’s wedding turned out to be one of the most secrets. The former soloist of the Serebro group signed with Georgy Nachkebia. He is a businessman, working in various fields – from show business to high technology research. They met Olga during the recording of Seryabkina’s solo project. At some point, working communication turned into something serious. The singer and the businessman realized that they were made for each other. In principle, it is completely understandable why almost no one knew about this event: the celebration took place in Austria, where the chosen one of the star spends a lot of time. He lived for over 10 years in Vienna. Three wedding dresses were chosen for the wedding, one of which was very short, but showed the bride’s beautiful legs.

Anastasia Zadorozhnaya and Vladimir


Another secret wedding took place with the actress Nastya Zadorozhnaya. Perhaps she turned out to be the most secretive star, who practically did not tell the fans about her marriage. The artist published only two photos: in one picture, the bride showed tattoos on her wrist and finger in the form of paintings of the bride and groom, and in the other, the newlyweds themselves appeared, hidden under the same mask. “Nice Couple: Sheep and Yarochka”, – made the caption under the picture Nastya. Zadorozhnaya married a young man named Vladimir, whose last name is also hidden. He is in business. The singer explained to WomanHit.ru why she does not want to talk about the wedding. “I just don’t comment and focus on what is called personal. All one’s life. For 35 years already. If you know something about me and my career, you see

Yulia Khlynina and Alexey Milevsky


Well, the star of the series “Call Center”, “The Law of the Stone Jungle”, “Method”, actress Yulia Khlynina did not hide that she was married. She never advertised her personal life, and then suddenly posted a picture in a wedding dress. “In the spring I isolated myself deeply into the family,” Khlynina commented on the photo in a white dress with a veil. However, she made a link to the profile of her fiance. It turned out to be a millionaire Alexey Milevsky. Remarkably, last year his name was included in the Forbes list of 30 most promising Russians under 30. She did not provide any more details, but most likely, as such, there were no wedding celebrations due to the pandemic.

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