Named a Complication from Which One in Four Patients with COVID-19 Dies

This problem is new to the medical community.

Named a complication

Patients who are in intensive care units for a long time are at risk of fungal infections, or mycoses. The fungus develops in the lungs, which increases the likelihood of death.

Patients on mechanical ventilation, as well as on long-term antibiotic treatment and feeding through an IV, can become infected with two types of mycoses. The first is caused by Candida fungi.

“The probability of developing fungal sepsis, in this case, is about 1–2%. The lethality is about 50%, that is, every second person dies, ”explained Nikolai Klimko, head of the Department of Clinical Mycology, Allergology and Immunology of the North-Western State Medical University Mechnikov.

The second species is due to Aspergillus fungi. Because of them, fungal pneumonia occurs. Aspergillosis develops due to a combination of several factors: coronavirus infection plus treatment with glucocorticosteroids and biological immunosuppressant.

Taking antibiotics also increases the risk of fungal infections. At the same time, you cannot refuse drugs – they really save you from coronavirus. But they suppress the immune system so much that a fungus develops.

Nikolay Klimko explained that the formation of mycoses is not immediately noticed. At the same time, the survival prognosis is unfavorable – from 16 to 25 percent of COVID patients on mechanical ventilation die precisely from fungal infections, Izvestia writes.

Doctors also warned about a dangerous complication of coronavirus for the heart. The infection affects the myocardium, which increases the risk of heart attacks.

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