Prokhor Chaliapin: “I Don’t Think That I Will Be the Best Father, but I Can Love”

The artist does not believe in the results of the DNA test


Recently in the program “Actually” the results of a genetic examination were announced, which confirmed that the child of the saleswoman from Ivanovo, Victoria Timofeeva, was from Prokhor Chaliapin. In the program, the girl admitted that they started dating the star 6 years ago, and after some time she found out that she was pregnant. The singer allegedly left her after she told him that she was in a position. found out from the Star Factory graduate himself how he relates to information about future paternity. As it turned out, the singer believes that now is simply not the most suitable period for replenishment in the family. And the genetic examination casts doubts.

“I don’t believe in the test results. As for the topic of fatherhood, while I have thoughts about work. Now is such an economic time that you have to hold out for now, and then think about this issue. You see, the older you get, the more brains appear, ”Chaliapin explained.

However, Prokhor added that, in principle, he was not against replenishment in the family someday.


But I would like it not to be a trawl-walk. I’ve already filled so many bumps… I hope that I will come and say: “Here, country, my girlfriend, here is my child, everything is fine.” No DNA tests there. That is, I myself will declare, and not so that one masseuse appears, whom I have seen several times in my life, and says, they say, I gave birth to him. I don’t think I’ll be the best father, but I can love. Now I love myself, but in general, I know how to love, ”the artist admitted.

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