Putin Commented On the Situation with Dziuba

At an annual press conference, Russian President Vladimir Putin commented on the situation with the publication on the Internet of a personal video of footballer Artyom Dziuba and his subsequent exclusion from the Russian national team for the November training camp.

Putin conference

Putin was asked whether such a situation should affect the professional activity of not only an athlete but also any other person.

“The answer is probably obvious: of course it shouldn’t. Let him there he deals with his connections, with his personal affairs. But getting into personal life is of course unworthy of a normal society, “the president said.

Putin also said that for Dziuba and other people living in public life, this is a good lesson.

“Keep in mind that there are still some general rules and it’s best to stick to them. Should this be reflected in professional activities? Of course not, “Putin said.

He also asked the journalist who asked if she had watched Dziuba’s scandalous video. In response, she said that “in one way or another, the whole country was watching.”

“I didn’t look,” Putin stressed.

Earlier it was reported that Artyom Dzyuba was expelled from the Russian national football team for the November training camp due to the scandal with the publication of his personal video on the network.

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