Roman Arkhipov on Participation in the “Voice”: “For Three Weeks I Was Very Sick”

The singer told why he went to a musical project, is it difficult to work with Sergei Shnurov and the artist made an offer to his future wife


A graduate of one of the “Star Factories”, ex-member of the “Chelsea” group Roman Arkhipov recently surprised viewers again by taking part in the “Voice” show. The musician got into the team of Sergei Shnurov. Millions of fans are rooting for the artist, among whom his main fan is his wife Alice. On the eve of the next appearance on the stage of the project, I talked with a star participant.

– Roman, I will ask the traditional question: why did you decide to participate in the Voice project?

– I wanted some emotions. And besides, in my opinion, this is the last stage in the country where you can perform some good, high-quality songs with a good orchestra. It’s a really cool show and it’s great for any artist to be in.

– Someone nevertheless pushed you to this decision?

– No, I myself wanted to. Although for a long time my wife kept saying: “Go to the Voice, try it”. At first, I didn’t really want to, but then at some point, I decided.

– Of course, many are interested in the answer to the provocative question: have you contacted one of the mentors to inform about your desire to join the project?

– I have not contacted any of the mentors before. None of them knew about it. It was a fundamental moment for me. Sports interest or something. I do not like this approach that you need to achieve at any cost. Playing against the rules is simply not fun. I contacted the organizers of the project only in the sense that it was necessary to somehow get to the casting. I called, asked, I was told to come to auditions. I came to Ostankino, sang two songs, and I was chosen in the general order.


– And why do you think Shnurov turned?

– It’s hard for me to say. Although if you look at the team that he got, at the participants of the previous season, you can see that he is a supporter of such good male energy – not too corny. But in all honesty, it was a rather difficult performance for me, because for three weeks I was very sick. I constantly had a podiatrist at home, literally every other day. Injections, droppers – whatever is possible. Therefore, I am perfectly aware that the performance left much to be desired. Nevertheless, Shnurov turned around, and I am very pleased. By the way, until that moment I was not familiar with him, only with his work.

– Can you honestly say what the atmosphere is on the project?

– Cool! Firstly, we have the best team from Shnurov. In addition to being good musicians, they are also wonderful people: distinctive, versatile, very kind, and simple. Sergey Shnurov is a super professional. He always has some interesting ideas, and there is no need to argue with him because it so happened that there is still a feeling of democracy in the team. Everyone comes up with their ideas, they come up with something. It’s very comfortable with him. Thank him very much for turning around. I think we will fight some more.

– Would you like to change something in the project?

– Probably many hours of waiting in the pavilions, when you are summoned to shoot at nine in the morning, and you go on stage at nine in the evening. This is difficult enough. It’s great if it was possible to streamline the process. In general, such projects are always fun, always interesting. This is a new experience, a new interaction. When the best professionals gather around you, they help you make a cool number.

– Now “Voice” takes up all your time?

– Well, yes, I rehearse often; I don’t get enough sleep, of course. It seems that you are not nervous, but the subconscious makes itself felt. The body simply stops sleeping.

– What do your colleagues say about your participation in Golos?

– You know, I somehow don’t really care about someone’s opinion. I just do what I do. I am an adult. And I don’t need anyone to give an assessment.


– In such emotional projects it is always important to have someone close to you. Does your spouse support you?

– She not only supports me here, she always supports me: in some of my endeavors, in business – in anything! She is really a real wife, a person who is always there, who inspires. Many thanks to her for that.

– Roman, I wonder how you met Alice.

– We were introduced by a friend. Once I called him from America, and he and Alice were just walking in the park. We got to talking. Then we found each other with her on Facebook, began to communicate, I came to Moscow and began to help her with musical matters, in writing arrangements. Alice is a very talented versatile person. Writes books, songs, dances beautifully. Well, in the end, as they say, the music connected us. Then it turned into a serious relationship.

– Did you beautifully look after your future wife? What surprised you?

– Hard to tell. I probably didn’t count at all. We just became friends. Ultimately, it grew into something more. And what surprised you? I don’t know … She probably didn’t communicate with such fools as me. (Laughs)


– Have you thought for a long time about making a marriage proposal?

– I made this decision quickly enough. After nine months of our relationship, I asked myself: why wait? You can live your whole life together and not get married, and a family is a family. There is a beautiful tradition to get married, get married, and play a wedding. I chose the ring for a long time. On New Year’s holidays, I decided not to propose, because it is banal. I waited until we went to America and proposed to her at a hockey game in Anaheim. Friends helped me to organize the inscription on the board: “Marry me.” She certainly didn’t expect it, but it was great. We got married last September.

– You live in two countries: you spend a lot of time in America. Tell us what you do there?

– I used to spend a lot of time in America. There I worked at the studio, performed performances, recorded; I flew to Moscow 2 times a year to visit my family and relax a little. I have an apartment in America, but I dream of a house because it is good to live in California – the weather is beautiful all year round. Although, judging by what is happening now in the United States, it is difficult to understand what will happen next. In America, besides work, I love hiking. This is an uphill climb. There are beautiful hills that you climb, and you have a view of the whole city. You train and get aesthetic pleasure. This kind of sport is for the lazy. In general, whatever I did in America: I learned to play golf, and tennis, I was engaged in boxing. California is great to travel. Many times I took a car and drove it to national parks. There are trees like this which cannot embrace even 10 people. You can spend time in Las Vegas, although I’m not a gambler.


– Psychologists believe that 2 years is the first period when disagreements may arise in the relationship of spouses. Have you felt something like this before?

– We are ordinary people; nothing human is alien to us. It happens that we quarrel, and disagreements occur, and crises sometimes happen. But when two people love each other, they will probably always find a compromise.

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