Sex as a Sport: How a Man Can Save Your Figure with Sex

Proximity or Fitness? Let’s find out which poses should be mastered on cold autumn evenings


In the fall, we often throw dumbbells under the couch and fold the yoga mat until better times – summer isn’t coming soon. But why not continue to keep fit throughout the year, especially since sex can also be included in the training program? Of course, relying on sex alone, continuing to look into your favorite fast food and grin after the morning runners, and at the same time expect a magical loss of extra pounds, definitely not worth it. However, many fitness instructors believe that being active in bed (with a partner, naturally) can help build muscle if you’re not a big fan of morning exercises. But let’s talk about everything in order.

Which muscles will “help” sex?

It all depends on the posture. Moreover, men, in this case, were more fortunate – they have more opportunities to pump the body during an intimate process, because their partner is like an additional weight in some poses, and therefore the man will exert several times more strength. But a woman also has something to tone up. Let’s take a closer look at the most effective positions.


He’s on top

The most “sporty” pose for a man: he works out a fairly large number of muscles, which cannot be said about his partner. Although some representatives of the stronger sex are too responsible for the process and begin to almost do push-ups. Do not do it this way. But we got distracted. In this situation, a woman can perfectly work out the muscles of the inner thigh, the gluteus muscle, and the abdominal muscles, if you keep him in tension as when performing the “Plank” exercise.

180 degrees

Change the position – now the woman is on top. As in the previous case, the main load will be on the inner part of the thigh, which, by the way, is not so easy to “pump”, and therefore pay special attention to it. Plus, almost all the muscles in your legs are involved, so you don’t have to worry about sagging calves – they work too. However, the effect will be only if you periodically strain all the mentioned muscles and do not let them relax.

Weight lifting

Let’s move on to a more difficult level. If your man does not suffer from back problems, try doing it on weight without support. This pose will allow a man to pump the muscles of the press, arms, and buttocks. The partner, on the other hand, develops general flexibility, keeps absolutely all muscles in good shape, because she needs to hold on and try not to let her man lose balance. Do several approaches if you have enough strength. Agree, a great alternative to warm-up in the gym?

He and she “on the bridge”

Quite an original pose that is suitable for experienced lovers who are tired in search of new sensations and want to “surprise” not only themselves but also their body. We strongly recommend that you practice in your clothes in advance so that there is no embarrassment at the most inopportune moment. The man takes the “Bridge” pose, while the girl goes down from above. The partner should be as careful as possible, you do not want to explain to the traumatology’s how you’re faithful got displaced in the middle of the night? For everything to end well, keep all the muscles in tension, and do not sink with all your weight – take care of your man.

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