“Take Care of My Angel”: Published the Last Message of Maradona Before Her Death

The best footballer of the 20th century passed away on November 25.


The last message of the former football player and coach of the Argentine national team Diego Maradona became available to the public.

It is reported that shortly before his death, the footballer chatted on What Sapp with the new man of his ex-wife Veronica Ojeda.

Maradona expressed his gratitude to him for the fact that he treats Ojeda well and brings up his seven-year-old son Diego Fernando.

“Take care of her and my angel Diego, who has no equal. I have many sons, but this one will save me from my last gray hair, ”asked the football legend, who writes Football Italia.

Recall that the last person who saw a football player alive was his nephew. It was on Tuesday, November 24, around 11 pm. In the house, besides them, there were an assistant, a guard, a nurse, and a cook.

As the prosecutor’s office clarified, only at 11:30 the next day the personal psychologist and psychiatrist of Maradona came to the house, who was the first to enter his room. They tried to call Maradona, but he did not respond.

The best footballer of the 20th century passed away on November 25. The cause of death of 60-year-old Maradona was a heart attack. The footballer was recently hospitalized due to health problems and underwent surgery for a subdural hematoma.

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