The Moon Prompted: We Select a Tattoo by the Sign Of The Zodiac

Will a lion hit a relative on the forearm? Or will Cancer put the baby’s date of birth on the wrist? Woman Hit explains why we’re drawn to certain symbols on our bodies


In astrology, it is customary to type people by date of birth, combining them into groups according to the sign of the zodiac. Although this science does not have data confirming its effectiveness, nevertheless, many people happily read horoscopes; look at their natal chart and in all seriousness refuse to communicate with people if they understand astrological incompatibility with them. Treat this material with a smile and get inspired by the tattoos we have for your sign. You are ready?


Capricorns are people who make decisions by weighing the pros and cons. They will approach the choice of a sketch for a tattoo in the same way: first, they will think over which master to go to and personally check the salon, then they will ask him to draw several variants of tattoos. Most likely, it will be a motivational phrase or a special symbol that only they will understand. Whatever it is, a tattoo should make Capricorns get better – engage in self-development and work hard.


It is difficult to think of a person more friendly and open to the world than a representative of Aquarius. These people are positive and interested in new experiences. At the same time, they are quite vulnerable, so the tattoo design is more likely to be chosen in accordance with the latest trends. Astronomical figures – planets, stars – are in fashion now. Or they will stuff something that will make them become tougher – this is what Roza Syabitova did, putting an image of a scorpion on her body. “I needed to give my character some cunning, dexterity so that people were afraid of me!” – noted the star.



Pisces are in their own minds and often go with the flow, and therefore many perceive them as weak and helpless. No matter how it is! Often, behind the image of a cute lamb, a person is hidden, under the guise of help forcing others to do everything according to their instructions. What kind of tattoo do you think they should get? In our opinion, it will be something ironic, even sarcastic – a funny phrase or a double drawing – now masters often beat tattoos with a second outline with ultraviolet ink.


Aries will likely choose a tattoo that is visible – a sleeve or a hammered thigh – is a good option for them. Aries is confident, courageous, passionate, and adventurous. To prove this, they will strive for tattoos that stand out and show their personality. Ruled by Mars, the planet of action, Aries can get a tattoo associated with action, victory, and movement – this can be an important date or a picture of an event in their life.


Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, Taurus is sensual and at the same time highly intelligent personalities, so their tattoos can be “simple and aesthetically pleasing”, but they will have hidden meaning. Have you seen how people hit coordinates or completely unknown numbers? Taurus will spend more than one week thinking over a tattoo, encrypting a message known only to them, but then they will happily wear it all their lives.


The sign of Gemini carries confidence and chaos – their mind is always full of fresh ideas and numerous possibilities, because of which the choice of just one tattoo can make them difficult. Chances are good that they will fill several of them at once. These are the people who can easily get a tattoo on a trip in memory of him. Those under this sign are also known for their communication skills, so it is likely that Gemini would prefer to put their favorite images or sayings on their bodies.


Cancers will surely show loyalty with their tattoos. These are the people who put on the body the names and dates of birth of children, prints of their fingers and even feet at birth, the coordinates of their hometown, and other things that in difficult moments will remind them of their loved ones. For example, Selena Gomez got a tattoo with Roman numerals on her neck – the number 76 means the year of her mother’s birth. The singer’s other tattoo is the letter “g” behind her ear – the first letter of her sister Gracie’s name. And the last – the word “sunshine” on the foot – this is how the grandmother called the star in childhood.

A lion

Leos are energetic, passionate personalities who bask in the glory. In love with themselves, Lions often put their year of birth, a childhood nickname, or even the outline of their own face on their bodies. A lion or lioness can also be a potential choice, as can any tattoo that contains red or orange colors.


Chances are good that Virgos will do all or nothing. They are internally the deepest representatives of the Zodiac, and therefore each of the tattoos will have a certain meaning. Whether it’s their baby’s name on the inside of the arm or a number that means a lot to them behind the ear, there is always a deeper meaning behind the chosen tattoo and its location on the body.



Libra will focus on ensuring that the tattoo is aesthetically pleasing – perhaps done in italics or written in a foreign language. They love themselves, and therefore the body will be decorated only with a high-quality image – they will never stint on the services of a master. Being selfish people, they are not averse to depicting an important date for them or their own achievements in work/sports / personal life.


Scorpios tend to be all-or-nothing, and this mindset even applies to tattoos. This is a sign of extremes, and they will either not have tattoos, or they will fall in love with them so that they immediately clog half of their bodies. Scorpios often get scorpion, eagle, or phoenix tattoos, as well as phrases that remind them where they started and where they are striving to come.


Sagittarius can show their wanderlust in tattooing. They can list places they have visited and directions they plan to go, down to longitude/latitude coordinates. By paying homage to this, a Sagittarius may think of inspiring quotes or words in a language other than their native language, images representing their wanderlust, and even religious symbols.

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