The Psychology of Color: Why We Like Blue and How to Wear It

We look into the historical perspective and learn to combine blue correctly for all occasions


People have long believed that colors evoke different moods and feelings, and some research has supported the idea that colors can have psychological effects. Blue is a color that is commonly found in nature, such as the pale blue hue of the daytime sky or the deep deep blue of a deep body of water. Perhaps this is the reason why people often describe blue as calm and serene. However, as a cool color, blue can sometimes appear icy and distant. This is a basic color that everyone can find a suitable shade for their wardrobe. Would you like to know how to choose clothes in this color?

Favorite color of politicians

Blue is described as the favorite color of many people and the preferred color among men. Blue evokes a sense of calmness or serenity in memory, but at the same time, it has been associated with power since the Middle Ages. So this shade of modern political figures was in the favorites of Princess Diana and Margaret Thatcher, and now Queen Elizabeth adores it.

Favorite color of politicians

Don’t forget that during the Silk Road trade, lapis lazuli powder was an expensive paint that only wealthy people could dye fabrics. For this reason, putting on a blue dress for an evening out, with a high probability, you will collect a lot of compliments from others. Moreover, we advise you to wear an outfit in shades of blue more often than the usual black – a deep blue color will suit more people, visually not increasing your age, but giving the figure a contoured shape.

Color stability and reliability

The color blue is often seen as a sign of stability and reliability. Companies that want to create this image are using it in advertising and marketing. Remember the verification icon on Instagram – what color is it? An interesting fact: about 25% of the icons on our phone are blue for this very reason. This is a good shade for choosing a business suit or dress shirt. It is not necessary to stick to classic blue – ultramarine, indigo, and other shades are in fashion now.

Color stability and reliability

The desire to be alone

Blue can also induce feelings of sadness or alienation. Think of how paintings with a lot of blue, such as the works of Picasso in his “blue period”, convey a mood of sadness, loneliness. If you are in a melancholic mood and you want to be alone with your own thoughts, put on a tracksuit in this shade of oversized style, ugg boots, a voluminous jacket and go for a walk. A little physical activity will quickly change your mood for the better!

Don’t forget your jeans

How could we fail to mention a modern girl’s favorite wardrobe item? Designed as workers’ clothing, jeans are part of the classic wardrobe in the 21st century. Look for high-waisted styles with loose straight or flared pants. It is advisable to have several pairs – in deep blue and blue shades.

Don't forget your jeans

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