This Is the Combination: How to Mix Jewelry with Taste

Don’t be afraid to “play” with images


Wrong, most women make the same mistake, refusing jewelry in the image, considering them an absolutely unnecessary accessory. But the reason even more often lies in the elementary fear that it will not be possible to correctly combine jewelry with looks for day and evening outings. If you still think that necklaces and bracelets are not your topics, we are coming to you.

Your thoughts: “I will only decorate the neck, arms or ears – everything will never be combined together”

Our answer: Yes, and how. The main thing is not to choose accent jewelry in this case, which together will really overload your image. The simplest and most advantageous option is “studs” in the ears, a thin bracelet, and a light pendant, and make sure that the metal is the same, or choose different materials in the same color.

Your thoughts: “For each zone for decoration and nothing else”

Our answer: Again, we disagree. Today, the trend is layering, and not only in clothes, and therefore feels free to purchase complex jewelry. The only problem is that in this case, it will be possible to focus on only one area. Try to choose a ready-made mixed decoration if you are not sure that you can come up with a combination yourself.


Your thoughts: “I can’t wear jewelry in the office, even if we don’t have a strict dress code”

Our answer: If your company is loyal to the appearance of employees, you should not worry at all that someone will make a comment on your original bracelet that you brought from vacation, but did not dare to wear it. Even in the office, where a dress code is required, no one can forbid you a thin chain with a miniature pendant or simple studs in your ears.

Your thoughts: “I have a cool watch, but they cannot be considered decoration”

Our answer: Today, designers offer so many different options for jewelry watches that this accessory may well become an independent decoration. If you choose an original design, keep in mind that such models are not “friendly” with massive jewelry, even if you choose a necklace or earrings. Keep your balance in style.

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