Veneers: Hype from the World of Dentistry or A Panacea

Dentist, director of the dental clinic Alexander Gaidukov – 6 answers to the most pressing questions about veneers

Dentist, director of the dental clinic Alexander

Who does not strive for a snow-white smile, he does not know what it is capable of. A beautiful smile is more than aesthetics. The snow-white straight line of the teeth transforms the face no less impressive than a group of stylists. Gives charm and self-confidence.

Unfortunately, nature has not rewarded everyone with perfect teeth. Uneven color of enamel, cracks, chips, peculiarities of the shape of teeth, increased wear, a gap between the front incisors – even a small defect draws attention to itself.

Modern dentistry has found the key to solving the problem. More precisely, a whole bunch of keys. One of them is veneers.

Thin on lays for teeth, 0.1-0.3 mm thick, made of biocompatible materials. As it happens with discoveries, life-changing ideas, veneers excite the minds, are overgrown with myths and questions. Let’s answer the most acute ones.

  1. To install the veneer, you need to grind healthy teeth.

Veneers are installed according to the doctor’s instructions. At the same time, the upper part of the enamel is ground – only 0.1-0.3 mm. Taking into account that carefully installed veneers, with proper care, will last at least 20 years, no one will see that the tooth is slightly processed.

  1. Veneers are fragile and unreliable. Even apples cannot be bitten off.

In the case of high-quality, correctly installed veneers, it will be strictly forbidden to gnaw only objects such as nails, wood, and nuts. And any food does not threaten their integrity in any way.

There are composite, ceramic, and zirconium veneers. Post-installation chipping and deformation stories are more likely to be composite. Ceramic in service are in no way inferior to their own teeth.

Veneers are fragile and unreliable. Even apples cannot be bitten off.

  1. Veneers change color over time

This is an outright myth. More precisely, composite ones can change the shade, but not ceramics. And all sorts of recommendations not to drink tea, coffee, not to eat beets and other red foods are relevant for the first 2 hours. Until the cement rises. Everything. Then eat whatever you want without fear.

  1. Veneers are needed by everyone and everyone, they are imposed by doctors.

Veneers are installed according to indications. It is important to choose “your” doctor whom you will trust, do not hesitate to ask any questions, and share your experiences.

There are several contraindications – malocclusion, large fillings on the teeth, bruxism, diseases of the gums and oral cavity, etc. This means that you first need to eliminate them, and then engage in prosthetics. The procedure is complex, complex, and requires a thorough examination of the oral cavity and preparation. Sometimes it takes years to prepare the veneer.

Therefore, installing veneers is a deliberate, balanced decision.

  1. Veneers stand like a plane

Yes, good veneers are not cheap. Moreover, the pursuit of a low price often leads to sad consequences for health, and for the wallet as well. The cost of veneers depends on the material, the doctor’s qualifications, and the complexity of the case. This is a multi-stage process involving expensive equipment. But high-quality installed veneers last from 20 years or more.

  1. What if caries?

If caries develops under the veneer, it will have to be changed. However, all teeth and oral cavity are thoroughly treated before installation. The veneer fits so tightly to the tooth that no caries will pick up. On the other hand, veneers protect teeth from decay. All you need is to come for inspection and cleaning 2 times a year.

I always recommend not to go for general advice, but immediately consult a doctor for a full consultation. At the consultation, you will receive answers to questions taking into account individual characteristics you can also make a computer model of a possible smile and “try on” it for yourself.

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