Vika Bonya About Marat Safin: “We Have Friendly Relations, Why Not?”

The socialite celebrated her birthday, which all gossips are still talking about


Victoria Bonya, who now lives in Monaco, could not refuse to celebrate her 41st birthday, despite the difficult world situation. For the celebration, she specially flew to Moscow. True, there were some incidents. The birthday girl had to call the doctor exactly on the eve of the party. What happened to the artist and how the glamorous party ended up, found out by visiting a private event.

So, the birthday was held in one of the expensive restaurants in the center of Moscow. It was decided to make the holiday in the “Gatsby-style” – the chic and splendor of the 20s of the last century. True, Victoria had to limit the list of invitees and seat them within the security requirements. The festivities lasted until 23.00, and not all night, as it usually happens. They ended with the traditional taking out of the birthday cake.

The star looked one hundred percent: in an iridescent glamorous dress to the floor, with bright red lipstick, Victoria fought on the spot.

“I gave myself this holiday and the opportunity to see my friends. Of course, most could not come. I know that many will say that this is a feast during the plague. But I wanted to see my friends and celebrate. For ten years I have not celebrated my birthday! I used to always throw such big parties. I thought that now everyone is sitting at home; basically not doing anything, why not celebrate a modest birthday? I would have been incredibly happy to see my mother here, but she did not want to go, and I understand her. Still, such an age, – said Victoria, who also admitted that she is completely calm about the situation with the coronavirus. – I myself press the elevator button, open the door in the car, and then I can start eating with the same hands. That is, I do exactly what I always do. I do not sterilize my hands or wash them 20 times a day. I believe that my body must cope with what it has, even if it gets this virus. Because it is very important to let your immunity work. And don’t be afraid. Fear is a low vibration. But there are people who have chronic diseases, such people need to take care of themselves and maybe get vaccinated. But I believe that my body is strong enough to cope. ”

By the way, at the “modest”, according to Boni, the tables were laden with delicious dishes and expensive drinks; there was even black caviar on the menu. Well, packages with expensive gifts and bouquets of flowers were taken away from the holiday in several cars. The birthday girl gave herself an incredibly expensive car, which she also admitted to reporters.

By the way, as usual, there were some funny situations. For example, she forgot to bring the necessary shoes with her under the dress.

“I took five pairs of shoes and forgot the one I needed. While my shoes were being taken, they found my shoes. Someone would be nervous in my place, but it seems to me that you need to take everything as it is in life, “admitted Bonya.

And this was far from the only incident. It turns out that the girl had to call the doctor on the eve of the party!

“I was joking here that until I was 40, nothing hurt, when I turned 41 — that’s it! Pinched intercostal neuralgia. I do not like pills and injections, but I had to call a doctor, who gave me painkillers and applied tapes. These are special stickers used by athletes. If God forbid you are crushed, do not rush to drink pills at 41 – there are alternative ways. Most likely, I got cold under the air conditioner in Dubai, “the star admitted.

The parties were not without intrigue. Marat Safin was one of the first guests to appear in the company of TV presenter Ekaterina Odintsova. However, the journalists were not at all interested in why they came together, but what kind of relationship Safin had with Bonya, since recently rumors about their romance, as they say, reached their climax.

“We have friendly relations, why not? I am always credited with having a relationship with those who pass by. Of course, he is such a handsome man; we will spend tonight together, “the star answered.

Marat himself was also laconic; assuring that only friendship connects them with Victoria.

“We have been communicating for 10 years, for a long time already. We met in Moscow, we are neighbors in Monaco, and we live ten minutes from each other. We communicate, we are friends, – said Safin. – She is a great person, I like the way she relates to life and understands people. She has a huge heart, a large social circle, and good friends. She is a really respected girl. The way she relates to life and went along the spiritual path is a big plus. I am pleased to communicate with her, she is an interesting conversationalist, “said the athlete.

Among the guests were also seen Anna Sedokova, Andrei Malakhov, Evelina Bledans, and Vitally Gogunsky. The Univer actor sang a song for Vika with a guitar, calling the birthday girl perfection. During the performance of the lyric composition, the star could not resist and burst into tears. “I was brought to tears. This is a very good sign, “Bonya commented.

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