What Russian Stars Refused To Take Part In New Year’s TV Shows

The artists explained their decision


Due to the cancellation of concert events due to restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic, some Russian artists found themselves in a difficult financial situation, and participation in the New Year’s “lights” became almost the only way for them to improve their financial situation. However, at the same time, other stars, on the contrary, refused to appear in New Year’s TV shows, FAN reported

Lyubov Uspenskaya refused to film due to lack of time since it would take a whole day to shoot. However, the singer can be seen in the New Year’s edition of the Guess the Melody program, because she likes this kind of show.

And the singer Alsou decided not to take part in the New Year filming due to the pandemic. The artist explained that it is more important for her to protect the health of loved ones. “I think nothing bad will happen if New Year’s events are held for one year without my participation,” said Alsou.

Valery Meladze’s proposal to boycott the New Year’s “lights”, since the stars were banned from holding concerts due to the pandemic, will be remembered for more than one year. Colleagues did not support the singer’s call, but because of him, Meladze was included in the list of not the most unwanted artists on New Year’s shootings.

Lolita Milyavskaya recently announced that she was already “sick” from the “lights”, since over 35 years of her career, she managed to visit both the host and the participant of the show. “There are things that make me sick. The fact that domestic television is not developing refers precisely to such things, “said the artist.

Alexander Novikov supported Valery Meladze’s appeal. The artist believes that in this way Russian celebrities will be able to draw attention to the losses incurred by the cultural sector due to the coronavirus. Novikov also added that such TV shows are a “New Year’s garbage dump” where artists are fighting for the best fees. That is why such events do not attract him.

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