Yoga for the Face: 6 Effective Exercises

Nina Kolomiytseva, a certified specialist of the International Yoga Association, on how to get rid of wrinkles without resorting to “beauty injections”


Exercises, which are usually called yoga for the face, have nothing to do with yoga in the traditional sense. Unlike face fitness, which is designed to “train” the muscles of the face, these exercises are more aimed at relaxing the same muscles and eliminating various clamps. This, according to American experts, will help to cope with mimic wrinkles in the eyes, forehead, and nasolabial clutches and tighten the oval.

It is recommended to do these exercises regularly. The first improvements can be seen ten days after the start of classes. The main principle of performing exercises is that unlike the usual fitness technique for the face, which is based on grimacing, these exercises should not lead to the appearance of wrinkles. If during the exercise you still frown or squint, your face muscles are tense, it is better not to resort to this technique. There are no contraindications to exercise.

It is known that the so-called depressor muscles are responsible for the appearance of mimic wrinkles on the face; it is they that lead to the appearance of folds on the forehead, between the eyebrows, in the mouth (nasolabial folds). The technique helps to learn, on the one hand, to relax the muscles, on the other hand, to control the activity of the depressor muscles, which in itself is already correct. Since muscle activity can be controlled either independently or with the help of botulinum toxin injections.

We train the circular muscle of the eye. To perform the exercise, you need to press the index and middle fingers to the corners of the eyes. Then start closing and opening your eyes. Try not to squint during execution. Repeat the exercise at least 50 times. The exercise is aimed at lifting the upper eyelid and preventing bruising in the periorbital zone.

We take control of the “muscle of the proud”. Starting position: index fingers on the forehead, middle fingers – in the eyebrows, large – in the cheeks. As a result, you should have a face framed by a heart from the hands. The task of the exercise is to pull from the eyebrows to the eyes while controlling facial expressions. The exercise helps to strengthen the muscles of the forehead and eyebrows, get rid of overhanging in this area, and the appearance of vertical creases between the eyebrows. Repeat the exercise 50 times.

Get rid of forehead wrinkles. For these purposes, the intertwined palms of the hands should be placed on the forehead and lightly pressed on it. Move your forehead upward. Most likely, at first, you will not work very well, since you have not previously used these muscles. If during the exercise your ears begin to move, since you are using the temporoparietal muscle, it’s okay. Do this exercise at least 50 times?

Prevention of the “rings of Venus”. Place the palms of your hands in the clavicle area, lightly press with your fingers. Lift your face up so that an angle of 45 degrees forms between the chin and neck. Turn your head to the right and do the same over the right shoulder, return to the starting position, then turn your head to the left and do the same. Repeat the exercise at least 10 times for each side.

We train the muscles of the middle part of the face. This exercise helps to restore volume to

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